Oil Free Piston Air Compressor | Bebicon | Hitachi

The Hitachi oil free Bebicon compressor is a heavy duty piston compressor designed to operate long hours. Suitable for manufacturing industries that range from electronics to food and beverage.


Compressor Head

  • Oil-free air supply. High performance. Durable design. Long overhaul cycle

Good Cooling Design

  • The cylinder head uses an aluminum alloy and ventilated rib to improve heat radiation and air capacity.
  • The v-groove design is located between the discharge and suction chamber to reduce the heat transfer and improve air capacity.

Heat Cut Piston Pin Design

This design consists of heat-insulating materials which reduces heat transfer from the piston to the needle bearing. This reduces the temperature of the bearing and improving the overall reliability.

Leak Cut Piston Ring Design

The piston ring has a specially shaped abutment joint which reduces air leakage and improves air capacity.

Product Catalogue : Hitachi Oil Free Bebicon



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